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In February 2021 you can buy shares in one of London's most disruptive pre-series A FinTechs, whilst taking advantage of generous EIS tax relief rates!

Our vision is to create a more open, transparent and accessible currency market for banks, funds and corporations. We are raising from a blend of institutions and individuals. The investment benefits from attractive tax relief under the EIS scheme.

As with any investment, capital is at risk. 

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Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax breaks

DMALINK is EIS approved by HM Revenue & Customs


Investors benefit from tax relief of 30%

Capital gains tax of 0%

Up to 45% EIS loss relief

Inheritance tax rate saving of 100% on shares bought through EIS

Business Highlights

DMALINK was launched six years ago by

Michael Siwek and Ashwind Soonarane with $230,000

Today, it is an established and trademarked brand used by

banks, funds and brokers globally. 


 Currency Market Size

$6.6 Trillion each day*


Currencies (Foreign Exchange, or "FX") is the largest asset class by size. According to the Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and OTC derivatives markets (April 2019) transaction volume surpassed $6.6 trillion per day. 

* Source:

Foreign Exchange Volume

Rising Year on Year since 2001*

* Source: Bank of International Settlements Report 2001 - 2019

Rising and falling prices in other markets create opportunities in Foreign Exchange.


Overall size of the global currency market. 










Shareholder returns

Planned expansion model 2021 - 2024



Number of client orders

Average trade size 

We offer clients the ability to transact faster, cheaper and more efficiently. From Chinese Renminbi, over Mexican Peso to South African Rand.

DMALINK is proud to offer customised liquidity in a large variety of currency pairs across the majors, minors and exotics including gold (XAU).

Global financial institutions choose to transact their currency deals on our platform every day. 

So far, over 316,000 times with an average deal size of $585,000.

Access to 63 currency pair combinations

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Recent acquisitions in our domain

















Our journey so far

2016 - 2020

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Password > seedrs2021
See the trading platform in action.
Simply use the credentials below to access Infinium trader (DMALINK trademark).
Desktop use recommended as used by our bank-clients. For mobile, please select "Desktop site" on browser. 

We are raising EIS investment on Seedrs!

£400,000 was invested in 2020 through the Future Fund

in association with the British Business Bank.

You can supercharge this EIS-eligible round.
Your EIS investment will contribute to fuel additional growth in 2021.
30% Income Tax Relief
You can claim back up to 30% of the value of your investment in the form of income tax relief. Therefore if you make an investment of £10,000 you can save £3,000 in income tax.
0% Capital Gains Tax Relief
If you buy your shares for £10,000 and in 3 years they are worth £30,000, you will not have to pay capital gains tax on the £20,000 gain if you decide to sell your shares. Min 3 year hold time. 
Up to 45% EIS loss relief
If you pay income tax at a rate of 45%, you can claim to 45% of your net loss in income tax relief. For example, if you make a £10,000 investment the maximum loss relief is £ 6,150 including the income tax relief.
100% Inheritance Tax Relief
You can generally claim Inheritance Tax
relief of 100% after two years of
holding the EIS shares. This means that
any liability for Inheritance Tax is
reduced or eliminated in respect of such
shares. This relief is not available for
publicly trades shares.
In the media
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DMALINK Signs UK Prime Brokerage as Central Clearer
DMALINK joins LiquidityFinder
DMALINK and ADS Securities LLC enter into Strategic FX Prime Brokerage Clearing Deal
Our corporate media site contains links to original press releases/media coverage regarding the business and its team. Got questions? Ask us.

Our people

Our people are our greatest asset – they matter the most to our business.


It is only with the determination, values and dedication of our team that we can serve clients, generate long-term returns for our shareholders and contribute to a better marketplace. 

Meet the people

From London to Mauritius


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Leadership (London)

Manu Choudhary DMALINK CEO
Manu Choudhary
DSC_8738 (1).jpg
Michael Siwek
Founder & CRO
Ashwind Soonarane
Founder & CTO

Senior Advisors (UK, USA)

David Ogg
Senior Advisor
Rosario Ingargiola
Senior Advisor
Malkeet Sokhi
Senior Advisor
Chris Park.jpg
Chris Park
Senior Advisor
9580369728_f7281476d2_k (002).jpg
Anthony Orantes
Senior Advisor
9580369122_28f42f129d_k (002).jpg
Cliff Goldman
Senior Advisor

Operations Team (Mauritius)

Ayush Rucktooa
Head of Desk
Bhavna 3.jpg
Bhavna Camdoo
Trade Analyst
Ikshu Ramdhian
Trade Analyst
Kajal Balrup
Trade Analyst
Nandisha Purran
Trade Analyst
Manju Sooklall
Trade Analyst

The funds from this round will be used to materially accelerate our 2021 roadmap by growing the sales team and investing in technology. 

Our 12 month roadmap

Despite 2020 being a difficult year for the world at large, DMALINK has gone from strength to strength. We're meeting our targets and are looking forward to 2021's scheduled expansion.

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New tech

Our forward-looking targets

Our aim is to enable clients to transact up to 1% (50 billion) of global Foreign Exchange volume on DMALINK.

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By 2022
AI stack
By 2022
By 2022
By 2024

Investor document library

This page contains important investment documents to help you evaluate the opportunity. Please contact us should you have additional points to discuss. 


Remember your capital is at risk. Equity investing is not without its risks and your investment could be locked in for a long time,

e.g. until the business is sold or goes public on an IPO basis. Our Seedrs campaign page ( has been approved

as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, no. 550317.


Curious to learn more?

Our corporate website at provides wealth of information.

You can also reach out at

 or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7117 2517.


We want to hear from you.

Ask the founders Ashwind, Michael and our CEO Manu anything!

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71-75 Shelton Street
London WC2H 9JQ

+44 (0) 20 7117 2517

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Remember your capital is at risk. Equity investing is not without its risks and your investment could be locked in for a long time, e.g. until the business is sold or goes public on an IPO basis. Approved as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, no. 550317.

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DMALINK is a British Company offering investors the opportunity to purchase EIS equity to take advantage of tax relief under the HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) in February 2021. All EIS investments are facilitated via DMALINK is currently at a pre-IPO stage and may be publicly listed in the future. Given the nature of our electronic trading platform and the lack of a physical presence, the investment may offer investors the ability to hedge against other COVID-19 investments which may decline in value due to government restrictions. Returns are not guaranteed and as with any investment, capital is at risk.

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